About the Project

Trigon Hotels is a group of hotels in Cork. Each hotel accommodates different demographics and this can be seen in the altered designs for the different websites for these hotels. The sister properties all required websites that would be similar to one another, yet different to reflect the different properties. The character of each unique hotel is captured and reflected in the colors and style of the website, however, the same modules and functions have been used throughout.


Trigon Hotels


Hotel Website


Web Design, Sister Sites, CMS


Abstract, Modern, Custom

Trigon Hotels Sister Properties

Cork Airport Hotel and The Metropole Hotel are the other sister properties under the Trigon Hotel group. Cork Airpirt Hotel is a hotel with character, along with a vibrant, fun and bright interior. It is contemporary and simple and caters for all groups.
The Metropole Hotel, on the other hand, is a classical hotel, situated in the centre of the city. Its antique interior appeals to guests who are seeking luxury, grandeur and a break in the city.