About the hotel

The G Hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Galway City. The boutique style hotel was designed by Philip Treacy, a world-famous milliner. The website was designed to reflect the wonderful designs of the hotel. The abstract layout of the different modules reflects the interior of the facility. This website was designed inline with the hotel's bright and colourful branding, using uniquely designed features and modules that demonstrate the best the hotel has to offer.




Hotel Website


UI Design, Microsite, CMS


Abstract, Modern, Custom

Scrolling Sections

The G Hotel website is unique when it comes to information display. The navigation list can be found by clicking on the Hamburger icon at the top left side of the screen. This activates the menu, where you can find the latest offers and navigation displayed. This menu screen slides into position and takes up the full screen.

When you scroll using a scroll wheel mouse (as opposed to using the scroll bar at the side of the screen), you will be brought to the next section on the site. This avoids the user over scrolling as they browse. Each section is carefully designed so as that all elements will be visible on the window without anything being cut off. This involved alot of testing across different screen sizes in order to make this work along with being responsive to the different devices.

Mobile display

The scrolling screen that is seen on desktop display cannot be replicated in mobile, so each module is thoughtfully designed to now fit smaller screens and scroll statically. The buttons at the bottom of the screen "Book Now" and "Gift Vouchers" are a sticky footer on mobile, for ease of access for the customer.

Spa Microsite

The ESPA spa is suituated on the grounds of The G Hotel. A microsite was designed to accomidate for the large facility. The modules and functionality, from the main site, remains. The colours and fonts have changed to reflect the Spa facilitys' branding. The user menu for the microsite has a different menu items, linking them to all the spa pages. Access back to the main site link "Hotel"