About Gallows Hill

Gallows Hill is the work of a solo musician and producer based in Limerick. Alternative indie pop rock vibes echo through the sound of Gallows Hill music. Collaborating with this artist to reflect his vision and music through art and branding was exciting and challenging. He wanted his music to reflect where he is from and what his music would look like if it were a picture.


Music Branding and Records


Branding, Photography, CD Design


Experimental , Alternative, Custom

Going Live

The Cd and records for Gallows Hill's singles are unique to each. The emotion of the songs are expressed through the covers. Abstract Photography and vibrant colours guide his audience into Gallows Hill's mindset when he produced these songs.

'How to Dance'

How to Dance, needed a video to accompany the song for different platforms. The different beats affect the different elements on the screen.


Gallows Hill had a vision for his merchandise, and that was to keep it minimal and low key. The logo is kept small on the t-shirts and there are some elements from different songs featured on the t-shirts.