About Money Jar

Money Jar is an app that aids employers and employees save their money with ease. This website was designed to advertise to the user the benefits of Money Jar.


Website and Social Media


Web Design, Mobile Design, Social Media


Corporate , Clean, Custom

Designing the website

Each page design is tailored to the specific content that was required on each page. Images and gifs were carefully selected and created to enhance the users understanding of the product. This in return creates a better user experience for the products target audience.

Mobile Design

Each section of the website was designed to smoothly transition from one section into another. On scroll the header remains on screen. The user has the ability to join the mailing list by clicking on the "Join the waitlist" button top center on the header.

Social Media

To promote Money Jar, some social media posts were created to advertise this new product to the market. Images were carefully selected to entice the correct target audience. The style of the posts reflects the look and feel of the website.